Developing of custom Facebook apps

Facebook is by far the largest social network in the world with over billion in active users, 600 million of which logs on every day. Simply put, Facebook is a marketing platform that you cannot afford to miss it. Our team of developers for Facebook applications can create a wide range of applications, not only to attract new fans, but also increase revenue:

  • contests and competitions
  • promotional campaigns
  • challenges and leaderboards
  • collecting points
  • holiday and gift exchange apps
  • contact and inquiry forms
  • online shop within the Facebook page

We are developing a variety of Web applications, such as sweepstakes and contact forms on demand. Facebook applications can have unlimited uses, such as surveys, quizzes or product ordering via smaller online shop. 

Well designed and built app will become viral, meaning that it will be shared by a large crowd Facebook friends and reach a much larger audience than traditional marketing approaches. Well-built Facebook application can reach an explosive growth. They help support the brand or increase awareness of activities or discounts. Any idea that has the potential to share it friends, can become viral. If necessary, we also prepare the statistics of your users and results.

In order to ensure full service, we offer hosting Facebook applications for our clients. Hosted on our reliable servers with 24/7 monitoring, SSL support and fast line for data transmission.

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