Infolab Laboratory

In our laboratory, we create wonderful things. The tubes are everywhere and smoke comes from under the table. Upright hair and broken glasses do not distract us from going further. Our projects and years of experience took us beyond the boundaries of web and mobile technologies. When finding solutions, we use and connect different technologies. We can confidently say that we offer our customers the most technologically sophisticated solutions.

IP telephony

IP telephony doesn’t only reduce the costs of calls and maintenance, but it adds value to business solutions. At Infomedia we specialize in the integration of IP telephony services in different solutions and offer new services. We can offer you:

  • Phone central hosting ( solution includes all the advanced queue services, scheduling, conversions, internal numbers etc.
  • Lowering call costs: By optimizing and pulse leases, we can offer the best phone rates. As for the rest of the world, you can even call at local rates.
  • Opening phone numbers in more than 60 countries around the world (also free): With this service, you can get a local presence in a foreign market, as customers can call you on a local and not international number.
  • Call centers: Integration of telephone calls and software for easy making calls or receiving calls.
  • Call API: Easy integration of a phone central in your software solutions. The whole integration is done over HTTP JSON calls, both by incoming and outgoing calls. Your code, a software solution can read the user from the database and forward it to the central, the central may be instructed to place a call, the call can be diverted, etc.

Internet of things

IoT (Internet of Things) represents a new segment in web development technologies. It's about connecting massive amounts of smart devices, that carry a variety of sensors, connected to the Internet. These devices may be domestic appliances, cars or a development device that measures the temperature of the air in your home. The data collected by the smart device, are collected in the Internet cloud, where data is processed and displayed in a web application.

We help you with developing your hardware or making a web application for data processing. Our solutions include include two-way communication with smart devices over the TCP protocol or SMS and GPRS communication.

SMS communication

We offer advanced solutions for the integration of SMS communication between a wide variety of devices.

Do you have a smart device with sensors, that requires a physical software adjustment? Wouldn’t you prefer adjusting all settings from your armchair at home, via the phone or web application?

Do you have a good solution that you would like to upgrade with an SMS notification? For our customers we completely simplify and automate their customer informing. You can send messages in intervals at specific events or individually.

SMS communication can also be integrated in web applications. In this case the SMS communications runs from a central web application. Through our applications more than 359,870 SMS have been sent to!

Industrial design

At Infomedia, part of the development team specializes in industrial design, 3-D visualization and animation. We cooperate with our clients already in the development phase of the industrial product and improve ergonomics, usability and the look, from the user's perspective.

With visualizations you can introduce the product to customers even before production to test their response without the cost of manufacturing. You can familiarize final products to customers with high-quality computer-generated graphics that present methods of use or instructions for use.

Our clients have entrusted all the way from the rendering for mobile applications in the field of the Internet of Things to visualization of exhibition layouts.

In addition of product development, we take care of the corporate image of your company which includes graphic design, exhibition layout, organization of business and retail areas. Good graphic design is the most efficient way to impress your potential customers.

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